Spanking Clips video feat. Sam and Jeff

Spanking clips are back! Young Sam thought he could sleep in for the day as it’s the weekend, but that’s not gonna happen, not according to Jeff who left him a full list of chores to do, but failed to. He got busted lazing around in bed all careless when he returned home and apparently the boy needs some good discipline to get his act together. It could be just a coincidence that our tough Jeff loves some good bum smacking and that our young dude’s super smooth ass is gonna get punished, but then again, it may not.

If it’s a noisy, passionate and painful spank, we all wanna enjoy it! Sam’s day is off to a bumpy start as he gets dragged out of bed and right into Jeff’s heavy hands slapping his tight buns. He gets the boy over his knees and delivers the much needed punishment bare handed, then proceeds to stern paddling his round butt cheeks over his tighty whities with highly effective results. Not a lot of time is wasted on this treatment causing the young guy to finch, as our punisher bares his bubble butt and uses a leather belt on those firm muscular buttocks, turning them into a bright shade of red. All this time Sam grits his teeth and fights to carry on through the pain, but the story has a softer side for the young lad as he gets to redeem himself with his cock blowing skills, taking a thick hard tool deep in his mouth, and working on it until he gets his treat!

Watch this sleepy guy getting a good hard morning spank!