Spanking Clips – Pay The Price

Another fresh week and time to see another gay couple in this new spanking clips scene having some nasty fun. The whole thing with this one seems to be that this guy in the black cardigan got into some trouble and his boyfriend needs to punish him with a good and hard spanking this afternoon. See, he kind of borrowed his bf’s car and he managed to bang it up a bit on his way back from downtown. He’s very sheepish about it but his man still needs to punish him in some way as he’s not about to make him pay fully to fix the car now. So yeah, see those pants dropped and that guy moaning as he gets his ass spanked as punishment for today!


Gets to bend over the hood that he dented on the car and who knows, maybe his weight with the spanking would fix it. It’s doubt-able, but still makes for a great and sexy show to say the least. Like we said, see him drop his pants and as soon as that happens, you can watch his boyfriend working his ass with his masterful hand for the rest of this glorious show. We’re sure that you will have plenty to see in this one and we’ll return soon with another great collection of super sexy and hot gay scenes for you, with lots and lots of spanking getting done then as well. Enjoy the view as always and see you soon with the new content!

Enjoy watching this guy getting his ass spanked!