Spanking Clips – Naughty ass getting spanked

In today’s episode of spanking clips we’ve got two young lads getting physical at work, all for making a good point and practicing their dominating talents. Our blonde haired chap busted his friend playing on his phone during working hours despite being told to clean the place up and since on the job he’s his boss, decides to apply a spanking treatment on him. You know what they say, money comes first, friends later!

spanking-clips-sexy-ass-gets-spankedHe’s got him backed against the dirty shelves, grabbing his muscular arse through his pants, giving him a good sample of what’s coming. The guy has developed a real taste for physical punishment as a way to handle bad boys under his employment, and he doesn’t hesitate applying corporal pain to those who really deserve it. Most young boys would try to get away but this one is helpless like a little puppy and apparently willing to receive a relentless bare hand spanking.His boss friend is yanking down his underpants exposing his perfectly shaved derriere and proceeds to slap mastering his smooth bum, until it gets all flushed in pain. A thousand times ouch! For more similar rough scenes, just check out the blog! Enjoy!

 Watch this guy spanking his buddies sexy ass!