Spanking Clips – Marco spanked in the garage

In our latest spanking clips porn update we have naughty boy Marco getting in trouble after a car incident in the garage and his lack of insurance. Angry Jeff wants his his ass on the line in exchange, and maybe he’ll just get away with it. Since the damage to his car isn’t gonna pay itself, he wants to teach him a lesson, he bends him over his vehicle’s hood and smacks his tight rear end with his bare hands over his jeans. He’s obviously not satisfied with it, as he could barely hear any response or sign of pain, so he gets our dark haired youngster all tied up and ready for the rough stuff.
With the dude’s pants and undies pulled down and hands cuffed to a wooden panel, our punisher reaches for his whip and flogs his firm and smooth toosh, increasing the intensity until it’s all flushed with color and finally gives into the agony, becomes very fidgety and starts to groan and vocalize, just begging a for a break. Jeff’s strong hand on the back of his neck concludes his perverted treatment and hopefully Marco learned his lesson for now, or has he? So have fun watching this gay buddies getting wild!

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