Spanking Clips – Hayden and Luke

After a terrible spanking clips game performance, young Luke has to face some retaliation from his coach and buddy, and you can bet the guy’s angry as hell. We all know by now that discipline and punishment go hand in hand, and it’s pretty easy to guess what’s coming up next on our kid’s plate. He must improve and learn his lesson the most painful way possible, so after some serious lecturing about it we get ready for action. After tossing the boy on his bed he pulls down his pants, exposing his plush bouncy backside. It’s fucking delightful!

spanking-clips-hayden-spanking-lukeHe gets a nice thick wooden paddle and proceeds to smacking that nice bum with short and intense shots making him count each and every one out loud. You can tell by looking at Luke’s face, he’s in complete agony and frustration, but knows he deserves it so he’s making no wrestling moves and accepts his rough treatment. Bossy Hayden gives him no break from torture and humiliation until he gets his buns all bright red and soaring and thinks he got the message. Enjoy watching this naughty spank scene and we’ll see you again real soon with more fresh content! Also you can join the site and see some cock hungry gays getting nailed!

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