No Pain No Gain

Well this week’s superb┬áspanking clips show is here and we’re all set to show off one incredibly sensual and sexy scene with the twinks that we have for the afternoon. The two were working out at the gym and it seems that at some point, pretty much everyone but them has left. Which meant that they had the spot all to themselves here today. So because of that, they were now all free to do all the kinky stuff that they had in mind and since he came up with that, the guy that gets to be spanked in this┬áspanking clips scene is the one you see here in the preview. Let’s watch his naughty and sexy butt worked hard today shall we guys and gals?

Well to be fair, naughty thoughts like his needed to be punished for wanting to get down and dirty in such a public spot. But rest easy, his fuck buddy is here to deliver that before anything else. So watch as he gets bent over the working out machines and you can see his round ass getting slapped. this goes on for quite a while and thank god no one’s around otherwise they would have heard all of the moaning that would have come out of him. And of course, before the whole thing’s said and done, you can see him receive a good ass fuck as well from the guy. Have fun with them and we’ll see you again next week as always with more content!


Watch here this guy getting his ass spanked and fingered!