Hardcore stockroom spanking

Our main ass slapping victim in today’s spanking clips pics, has his young boss most displeased with his work ethics and performance, and obviously he’s gonna get punished for it as there have been many warnings and nothing changed for the better. In reality, the ginger manager was secretly looking forward to getting his hands on his naughty boy ass cheeks, but he’s not being completely honest when he takes our guy in the stockroom.


Once they are there, he tells him to take his clothes off after some light strokes with his jeans on, and bend over with his hands on the shelves. He pulls out a thick paddle that just happened to be in reach, and delivers a thorough and much needed lesson, with his sharp smacking blows over his baby smooth rump. The twink doesn’t twist or thrash around, showing no intention to escape his torturing punishment and he gets his ass lashed firmly until it’s candy red and throbbing with pain. The boss sure works a good sweat on it, and that slick flushed toosh gets his dick growing harder, but the desire to cause agony gets the best of him, right back to swinging his wooden piece against the tender flesh. Have fun watching these spanking clips and come back soon! Until then, check out this spankthis video and see another cute twink getting his ass spanked!

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