Evan Parker’s secret room

Hello everyone! In one of our hottest spanking clips update we have in store for you, or kinky guy Evan, gets a little hardcore in his secret dungeon. He’s got some nasty plans in store for this young and hungover lad, who found himself all tied up against a wooden board, not being able to recall how he got where he is, in the first place. The dark haired dude, has a whole range of fetishes, adores inflicting pain, and when he takes a fancy in some hottie he brings him to his basement for some rough punishing, just because he can.


He also loves to role-play the mean master who is going to punish his submissive slave, from time to time and this kid is today’s sexy victim. His clothes are all gone and his milky soft bod exposed to Evan’s naughty ways and you can tell by the cheeky and dominating look on his face that he’s gonna take full advantage of it. It takes a little time for him to really decide which of his nasty toys to take out for play on his prey’s baby fresh booty. Well his red whip wins by a long shot and goes on flogging his firm behind, and much to his surprise the young boy kinda likes it. Not the helpless little puppy he was hoping for, but he’ll have to make do. All might change as he’s going harder at it, until his cheeks are all red and fiery hot and thrilling pain takes over. Enjoy these spanking clips! If you wanna see some horny dudes fucking each other senseless, join the http://bearfilms.org/ site! Have fun, guys!

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